Beautiful Places at MSU in the Spring

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It’s hard to deny the beauty of Michigan State’s campus in any season. Coupled with the bloom of the springtime, that beauty flourishes even more in every corner of campus. When the bleakness of winter snow melts and lush greens finally come back in view, it truly is a breath of much needed fresh air. So take the time to look around just a little bit more on the walk to class, kick off the snow boots and relish in the fact that spring is back and half-hour walks around campus become enjoyable once again. For this issue we have rounded up some of the best places at MSU for you to visit in the spring. Here are some of the most beautiful places at MSU in the spring.

WJ Beal Botanical Gardens: Don’t overlook this one. The gardens have a long history, dating all the way back to 1871 when Professor William James Beal decided that the campus needed a botanical garden. Two years later, Beal made his vision a reality by planting 140 species of forage grasses in test plots. Fast forward to present day and we’re met with a beautiful garden showcasing hundreds upon hundreds of plants and flowers, foliage and endangered plant species. It’s MSU’s very own little appreciation of what nature has to offer, bundled up in a cascade of greens, colors and refreshing smells.

MSU River Trail: While we may not border one of the Great Lakes or the ocean, the Red Cedar River snakes through campus and looks quite picturesque in just about every season. Along with being in the opening statements of the MSU fight song, most students get a daily view of the river on their walks to class, and therefore overlook its beauty. Take a moment to admire the sights and sounds the Red Cedar has to offer. Lounge near the river and complete your homework with the calming currents of the water at hand.

Baker Woodlot: This spot is another hidden gem just off the path of campus. The northeast corner entrance is located off of Bogue Street near Service Road. For the observant nature lover who likes to get away every so often, the Baker Woodlot is the perfect escape to appreciate a walk through the woods. Complete with plants, insects, animal life and short trails, it makes for a beautiful place of discovery during the bloom of spring. And what better time to go then when the leaves begin to bud on the trees and plants begin to bloom? Take the time to check out Baker Woodlot and to explore a little bit more than just the usual spots.

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