Campus Study Hideaways

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As every Michigan State student knows, MSU’s campus is gigantic. The buildings are equally as big and beautiful, offering every student the opportunity to find places for them to succeed and get their work done. With such a big campus and so many people, some students at Michigan State like to study alone. Other students prefer to study in groups of people, which gives them the ability to learn from many different minds. Whether you are more of a loner or a group kind of person, this large campus has plenty of places for you to hunker down and explore your academics.

Although this campus may be tremendous in size, there are plenty of places where students can make it feel smaller; there is something for everyone — including places to study for every kind of student. Check out these secret locations to study all over the Michigan State University campus:

  1. If you currently reside in a dorm, venture around your hall or neighborhood for a little bit and check out what that giant, brick building has to offer. There is a high chance that you will find a nook or cranny to pop into and complete all of those tasking assignments in. Most dorms also have cafeterias, so if you really want to make use of the meal plan you have, grab a snack, grab a table and get to work!
  2. Wherever your classes may be, the halls they are located in have a number of rooms that are not always being utilized. After your classes, take a look around the building you are in or need to go to. If you have time before your next class and don’t feel like traveling back home to start your homework, duck into one of the empty classrooms and do your homework there; chances are someone will come in and tell you when it is time to get out.
  3. One of Michigan State’s campus gems is The Union basement, or the whole Union building in general — the classrooms that are usually used for the Math Learning Center (basement) are particularly useful for students. If you avoid the rooms from 5:45 to 8:15 p.m., you are in the clear to use the large tables to sprawl out and study at. If you are into a more secluded study, check out the study rooms that are also located in the basement. Each floor of The Union building offers a different place to concentrate and get your homework done.
  4. If you are a more traditional studier, the library is always your best bet for individual or group studies. However, you should try to avoid it during finals week unless you enjoy scouting for a table all night. Many students agree that the fourth floor of the library is a great place for silence and success, so that is another place definitely worth checking out.


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