College Bucket List

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Whether you’re finishing up your last class requirements or looking forward to your sophomore year, don’t leave campus without checking these off of your bucket list! Find us on Twitter and tell us what you’ve done by using the hashtag #ingbucketlist.

  • Take a picture with Sparty
  • Get in line early enough to get in the front row at a home football game
  • Climb onto the roof of the Munn Ice Arena (and don’t get caught)
  • Take a tour of Beaumont Tower
  • Feed the squirrels one last time (not that they need it)
  • Swim in the Red Cedar (or maybe just dip your toes in to say that you did)
  • Participate in Spartans Vs. Zombies
  • Visit your freshman dorm and relive your glory days
  • Sit in on a random lecture, don’t take notes, then walk out after five minutes (leaving all of the freshman confused)
  • Go to a campus a Capella concert
  • Eat in every cafeteria on campus
  • Feed the ducks in the Red Cedar
  • Pull an all-nighter in the library (even if you spend the entire time on Facebook)
  • Join a random campus tour and ask questions as if you’re a high school senior all over again
  • Walk at graduation!

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