Crafty Candleholders: How to Make Festive Fall Candleholders Without Breaking the Bank

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We get it, you’re festive. We all have Martha Stewart-wannabe moments, but sometimes our budgets don’t exactly match that. This is a huge problem when it comes to something like crafting or even home décor in general. A fun project like candleholders can be done in many ways, with many different alterations and for all sorts of different budgets. Do you want to go on a super crafty mission where you buy all sorts of cool, festive, fall art supplies? No problem. The world is your oyster … or your Mason jar. Or maybe you are on a limited budget and just want something fast and simple to throw on a table to brighten up a room? Ing’s got you covered either way.  

You’ll need:

      One to two Mason jars

      Flameless tealight candle

      Leaves (real or fake)

      Potato sack or burlap (optional)

      Brown thread (optional)

      Scissors (optional)

      Glue (optional)

On the most basic level, this craft is a Mason jar stuffed with leaves and a fake candle.

1. First stuff the jar(s) with leaves. Be sure to remove any stems, and make sure the brightest part of the leaves face the outside of the jar, leaving little to no clear space where you can see through it. Your craft is essentially done.

2. The final step is to drop a flameless candle into the bottom. Now you have one to two festive fall candleholders without the fire hazard of real flames, so you can leave them flickering for hours.


 3. If you decided to use the burlap bag/potato sack, start by using scissors to cut it into a 4.5- by 5-inch square.

 4. Next, take your square and put it inside the lid of your Mason jar. Center it over the flat metal disc part of the lid, but make sure it’s under the outer metal ring. Push the disc into the ring to complete the burlap lid.

 5. If you choose to use the string, you can wrap and glue this around the exposed metal ring part of the lid for a rustic look, or even just tie a bow.

 -The most interesting part of this craft is how it can be adapted for different price ranges. The brown string was not only completely optional, but it also varied greatly in price, from a pack that cost nearly $6 to a much more affordable version that cost $3. Fake leaves cost $10 at a craft store, but many people can’t afford to spend so much on a decoration.

 -This craft has important adaptations for those who might not be avid crafters or who don’t want to spend so much. While most people will need to spend $4 on a flameless candle no matter what, others have a Mason jar or potato sack on hand and can collect real leaves at no cost to them.  

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