Day Trip to Detroit

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One of the many perks of being a Michigan State student is that we are just an hour and half from Detroit. What that means is that there are more options for things to do, such as concerts, museums, shows, plenty of places to eat, sports games to see and more!

“The American Dream” sandwich

A fantastic place to eat in Detroit is Slows Bar Bq. Other than Slows, I would suggest Pegasus in Greek Town – but that’s for another blog, because I’m extremely biased and Greek. So, Back to Slows Bar Bq. The restaurant serves up delicious ribs, chicken sandwiches, brisket and plenty of other classic, yummy bar-b-que. I opted for “The American Dream” which is a sandwich consisting of hickory smoked beef brisket, applewood bacon topped with Hoffman’s Super Sharp Cheddar, and Texas Style BBQ.

The sandwich was incredible to say the least. I have had BBQ many times in Austin, Texas (they take their BBQ very seriously) and this is very comparable.

So what’s next after eating? Well, it’s baseball season! Check the Tiger’s schedule and find a game to go to! Comerica Park is home to the Comerica Carousel, which gives you the chance to take a ride on the back of a tiger before the game.

Detroit’s Motown Museum

There is also the Motown Museum, which is a wonderful blast of fun and music history. Motown was home to some of the most famous music pioneers, such as Smokey Robinson, the Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, The Temptations and more. At the Motown Museum, you’re able to walk right where the famous, unforgettable artists of Motown recorded their many hit songs. Visit the museum and take a trip through music history and see one of the most famous houses in Detroit first-hand.

You can also walk the Detroit riverfront when the weather gets a bit warmer. The Detroit riverfront consists of more than three miles of waterfront that starts near Joe Louis Arean and goes to Gabriel Richard Park.


If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, head to Detroit because whatever you do, Detroit is an enjoyable day-trip to make!

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