Destin to Teach

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Dr. Epps-Robertson is one of MSU’s newest professors in the College of Art and Letters. Originally a Virginia native, she received both her bachelor’s degree in English and religious studies and master’s degree in English with a concentration in rhetoric from Virginia Commonwealth University. She then went on to get her Ph.D. from Syracuse University in its Composition and Cultural Rhetoric Doctoral Program. “If I could, I would still be in school, because I really enjoy it,” admitted Epps-Robertson.

Her family always knew she was destined to be a teacher one day. Epps-Robertson is the oldest child and grandchild in her family and would always be the one to teach her younger cousins how to read and write.

Her undergraduate professors also inspired her to become a teacher. “I had such a wonderful experience when I was an undergrad student. I was very fortunate in that I had teachers who were models of what I think a professor should be.” She found her professors always engaging and encouraging of her work, and that was part of the reason she knew she wanted to return to school to get her Ph.D.

Now in her second year at Michigan State, Epps-Robertson teaches two undergraduate writing classes as well as a graduate class in rhetoric. She is also currently writing a cultural rhetoric book with the working title “‘We’re Still Here!’: The Prince Edward County Free School Association, 1963-1964.” She is hoping to have the book published by the end of this coming spring. Epps-Robertson says she is enjoying her time here at State and looks forward to working more with students and faculty from a variety of majors.

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