DISCOVERing: The “Where’s” for Warm Weather: Favorite Outside Spaces on Campus

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With the increasing temperatures, Spartans are looking for more places on campus to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you like spending your time in the sun playing, studying, exploring or relaxing, there are outdoor spaces right here on MSU’s campus for you to enjoy.



Located on the MSU map in blue, campus has a variety of different outdoor fields that students can use to throw footballs, kick soccer balls or toss a Frisbee around with friends. One of the top recommendations is Adams Field, located just south of West Circle across from the IM Circle building. This space is separated into different sections by sidewalks, allowing for different groups to share the grassy space. Football lines are sprayed into the grass that the MSU band uses to practice with, which act as natural benchmarks for any flag football or other types of pickup games. Located a short three minute walk away from Dem Field, behind Spartan Statue, Adams Field gives students access to enough open space to suit any need.



Looking for a place to study outside while enjoying your favorite springtime Starbucks drink? Look no further than Wells Hall, shown on the MSU map in purple. The courtyard patio is the best place to study in Wells Hall; located directly behind the B-Wing of the building. There are multiple tables where students can hang out or get their study on. There are even umbrellas attached to the tables, helping block the unwanted glare on your laptop screen. However, if you’re working on a project or paper that needs some more focus, we recommend heading to a quieter environment like the MSU Library.



Feeling the need for a change of scenery or just want to soak in all that MSU’s campus has to offer? Then head down to the Baker Woodlot located south of campus and represented in orange on the MSU map. Surrounded by a fence, the Baker Woodlot is exactly what it sounds like: woods. There are trails to walk with friends or a four-legged companion, while the amount of trees help to block out the sun and allow for solitude, if that’s what you’re looking for. We recommend leaving your flip-flops behind and lacing up your sneakers if you’re going to explore this popular location.



Just south of the MSU Library, marked in green on the MSU map, is a stretch of the Red Cedar River perfect for relaxing in the sun. With the calming rush of the current playing in the background, the environment invites readers, hammock lovers, and nappers to partake in their favorite activities. When the weather gets warmer, students love to bring a blanket and dangle their feet in the water. Behind the Hannah Administration Building there is also a dam, creating a natural flow in the current and the perfect spot for duck watchers. However, this is a high traffic area so if you’re looking for a more unexposed area of the Red Cedar we recommend the stretch just east of the MSU Rock.


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