Discovering Your New Music

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Music is a part of people’s lives that is not likely to lose its importance. We hold music dear to our hearts because it plays such a vital role in each of our lives. Whether we are walking to class, standing in an elevator, studying for an important midterm, doing a project or impatiently waiting for traffic to move, music is all around us. It plays on the streets of towns, inside bars, clubs and even in the shower. We listen to music as we go about our daily routines or workouts. It is a booming industry that people would go to great lengths to be involved with. The lyrics may get people ready for the next big thing or even save us from their darkest hours.

Producers, directors, musicians, singers and many other influential people make music what it is today. There are hundreds of genres ranging from pop and hip-hop to classical and electronic — and there are always new forms of music being created or produced. Without hesitation, artists create songs based on their lives or emotions, creating relatable songs for all to listen to — it’s universally known that Taylor Swift voices her emotions with lyrics and her (sometimes) mildly frightening music videos. Even if you hate certain types of music but adore other genres, there is a type of music and a favorite song out there for everyone on the planet.

Spotify, iTunes and SoundCloud are just a few ways to explore your musical side. Because of technology’s incredible reach, there are several ways to explore music throughout these applications. If you are exploring through any music outlet, every week there are new and exciting songs coming out by a plethora of artists. As some of you may know, Spotify releases custom-made playlists for their premium paying customers. Not only do they offer these playlists for individuals, they update playlists any customer can browse on a regular basis.

Music is all around us. It consumes our daily lives and will be a never-ending evolution. Artists, producers and everyone else who contributes to this booming industry will never stop making the next best thing. There is music out there for everyone, and there is a genre that will best suit us more than another. It will pump you up and start your day, keep you going and later put you at ease for a relaxing night.


Maeghan Fitzgibbon is a senior studying professional writing with a concentration in editing and publishing. She writes for The Odyssey Online where she is responsible for creating and turning in an article each week with a topic of her choice. She aspires to write for a fashion publication one day and often enjoys online shopping, but not buying. So, mostly online gawking.


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