Easy Ways to Make Your Ramen Game Stronger

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Ramen has been a staple in many college students’ diets for years. It’s easy to make and easy on the wallet. After weeks of eating the same old ramen, spicing up this thrifty old favorite becomes a necessity more than an option. Having the same issue, I decided to start spicing up my ramen, turning it into a homemade noodle bowl! The best thing about noodle bowls is that you can add nearly anything you want to them. When I made my ramen bowl, I used substitutes for some of the items based on what I had in my cupboard and fridge. Here is the recipe that I used, but if you just want to spice it up without following a recipe here are a few easy ingredients to add:

Eggs – There are a variety of ways to add eggs to your ramen. You can hard boil, soft boil (what I attempted) fried or even scrambled. Whichever way you make the egg, this protein adds texture, so you don’t get bored with the same old ramen.

Vegetables – The recipe I followed called for spinach and corn but I used spinach and a vegetable medley that had beans, edamame, carrots and corn. Any type of veggie works well in these!  

Meat – Meat is really a no-brainer when it comes to additions to ramen. Adding flavor, texture and protein, you can really use whatever type of meat you’d like I used shredded chicken.

Spices – I don’t know about you, but I like my ramen spicy! Spices make ramen so much more interesting and add more flavor to the other options that you’ve added to the bowl. My favorite spices to add are ginger, garlic and green onions!

Sauces – Soy sauce and Sriracha are staples for my ramen. One option that gives the ramen noodle bowl more of a creamy texture is peanut butter! Another Asian staple is miso paste – not a sauce, technically, but you get the gist.


I think that my favorite part about noodle bowls is that you get to be creative. Let your inner chef shine and try a ramen bowl for dinner tonight!  


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