Find Your Pie for Pi Day

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Pi Day is celebrated on March 14 around the world. It’s a day to celebrate the mathematical constant π (pi), which represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, and is approximately 3.14159. During this fun and unique day, it’s customary to throw pie, make pie and — the best part — eat pie. Why, you may ask? Well, because it’s pie, and when you mix math and pie together, wonderful things happen. Plus, everyone loves a good pie, right? That’s why I’ve done some research and have found the best pies for throwing, making and eating. Take a look and choose the pie that will make your Pi Day scrumptious!

Apple Pie — The ever-glorious apple pie. This gooey, warm apple center is a crowd pleaser no matter the occasion, but for Pi Day, it seems to be a little sweeter. If you choose this contender, it’s sure to be a hit as the top pie for your Pi Day extravaganza.

Lemon Meringue Pie — Lemon and whipped topping make for a tangy, sweet combo in a lemon meringue pie. This flavorful tart is for the non-traditional pie lover. Pick this runner-up and you’ll have an explosion of flavor for your Pi Day party.

Banana Cream Pie — Decadent bananas and cream add a unique flare to both your taste buds and your Pi Day festivities. This delightfully chilled dessert will be a show stopper. If this pie is your number one, make sure to save room for seconds later.

Pecan Pie — Sugar and nuts in pie form; it doesn’t get any better. This salty and sweet but mouthwatering treat will be the highlight for any pie lover. This may be your top pick for Pi Day, and if so, savor every delicious bite.


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