Five New Year’s Resolutions MSU Can Help You Keep This Year

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Every year, many people each make New Year’s resolutions with the best intentions of keeping them. But a little break in the plan here, a little cheating on the resolution there, and not even a month later most people are back to eating cupcakes for breakfast or never remembering to call our grandparents on the weekend. But here at Michigan State, Spartans Will keep their New Year’s resolutions. Here are some of the most commonly broken New Year’s resolutions according to Time Magazine, and how MSU can help you keep each of them this year.

Go to the Gym
There are three IM sports centers on Michigan State’s campus where you can lift weights, swim, run, play basketball, squash, racquetball and volleyball. If you don’t live on campus, there is a Planet Fitness in the Meridian Mall, a Powerhouse Gym, Sparrow Michigan Athletic Club on Hannah Blvd. and Court One Athletic Club in Okemos.

Quit Smoking
As of Aug. 15, 2016, Michigan State will officially be a smoke free campus. So if you want to quit smoking next year, plan to spend more time on campus.

Learn Something New
This is an easy one for Spartans to do on campus. If you haven’t added that minor you’ve been interested in to your schedule, now is the perfect time before next semester begins. If you want to take one of those “more out there” classes to learn that skill you have always wanted to, like squab diving or wine tasting, tell your counselor you have a New Year’s resolution you want to stick with.

Drink Less
Bars may be fun, but every week Michigan State’s Activity Board (UAB) provides cheap and fun alternatives for students who are ready to take a break from the bar scene. Whether it’s bowling in the Union or seeing a recently released movie in Wells Hall, there are always options that MSU has. Students who are interested in other involvement could also join one of the more than 700 student organizations on campus.

Travel Somewhere New
Michigan State is one of the best, if not the best, universities in the world for study abroad. With more than 275 programs to choose from, you can visit any of the seven continents: If you want to spend the summer interning in England, that is possible; if you want a freshman seminar in Italy, you can do that, too; if you want to be on an exchange program in South Africa, you are more than welcome to. If you think that it might be too expensive, you could be wrong. Most semesters abroad can even be cheaper than a semester here, and MSU does a great job of helping students find scholarships. MSU also is ranked fifth in the nation for the number of volunteers participating in the Peace Corps. The Peace Corps has helped people across the globe in 136 different countries. If you are graduating this year, the Peace Corps is a great opportunity to be in a different part of the world where you can meet new people.


Charlie Thompson is a senior majoring in professional writing. A Windy City native, he is  a fan of Chicago hot dogs and the Cubs. Last summer he interned at BetterPoints in London and loved every minute of it. He enjoys watching the Oscars and going to art museums and a good beer.


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