Giving Back

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Giving back can be incredibly beneficial for students – it gives them a chance to learn something new about themselves, and it can be done a number of ways. For example, donating food to a local food pantry, serving the homeless and giving clothes to the Salvation Army are all very rewarding ways that Spartans can give back to their communities. There are also many student organizations that students can participate in, including F.A.M.I.L.Y., Women of Distinction, On the Rise and more.

“I believe it is very important to give back to the community because it allows volunteers the opportunity to see life through the eyes of people who are different from them,” said Reverna Moore, senior Pre-PA Spanish major with a cognate in chemistry and health promotions.

Students at Michigan State University (MSU) describe their volunteering experiences differently, but they all have the same end goal: to give back to their community.

“I have many reasons as to why I give back to the community, but the most important one to me is because I enjoy making an impact on people’s lives. Whether that be physically or simply making someone smile,” said senior journalism major, Amber Howard.

Both of these students and many more want to make an impact on people in their community. They see the importance of giving back and know that a simple gesture can change the way somebody else looks at the world. Although being a college student keeps them busy, they both try hard to volunteer as much as possible. 

Moore said over the past two years, she has had the opportunity to log more than 200 hours of community service. She spends every other weekend volunteering and helps at after school programs during the week when she can. She is also a tennis instructor. Her favorite thing about giving back is seeing the growth within the people that she is helping.

“The most rewarding thing is when I’m working with a child who was initially very shy or uncooperative and finally seeing that they have started to trust me and come out of their shell or are not acting out as much,” Moore said. “I love to build connections with the children who have been given up on by the school system, their teachers and sometimes their parents. Being able to change the lives of those kids is what motivates me to stay active in my community.”

Moore’s favorite way to give back is by working as a tennis instructor and mentor for the Todd Martin Youth Leadership Program in Lansing, Mich. Her passion is helping children. As a tennis instructor she is able to work with children to provide them an outlet to gain the confidence and discipline necessary to become the best version of themselves.


Alexis Howell, a senior at Michigan State University, is an aspiring news reporter with experience in broadcast and print journalism. Originally from Chicago, IL, she came to Michigan State to pursue her dream of becoming a news reporter. She is currently working toward her dream as a reporting intern at HOMTV.