Giving Thanks

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You know it’s fall on campus when pictures of the changing leaves along the Red Cedar start flooding your Instagram feed. We cherish every day of this season because, as any Michigander knows, snow can catch us by surprise at any moment. As you’re digging into that slice of pumpkin pie while watching the Lions game this Thanksgiving, we challenge you to look deeper into the meaning of “giving thanks” with our November issue.

November is Native American Heritage Month, and MSU’s North American Indigenous Student Organization (NAISO) is hosting activities all month long. Learn more about this month’s featured organization on page 8.

We honor our veterans on Nov. 11 with Veteran’s Day, and we invite you to learn more about the veterans of our future. Turn to page 24 to read about how the Spartan Battalion is training ROTC students to become the next members of the United States Army.

This month’s issue focuses on showing gratitude. Everyone has a unique way of giving thanks. Want to surprise grandma with a letter? Read about the lost art of letter writing on page 16. Or, if writing your best friend a snarky “thank you” note is more your style, turn to page 14 for some inspiration from Jimmy Fallon.

Get to know the ing staff a bit better this month by checking out our new bios at the end of each story. Special thanks to Emily Nagle, who did a great job taking our bio headshots.

Whatever your plans are for this season, ing has you covered. So, break out your cozy sweater, grab a cup of hot cider and curl up with this month’s issue.


Rachael LeFevre is a senior majoring in professional writing and minoring in Spanish. She has an unhealthy addiction to correcting people’s grammar and hates shopping unless it involves books. She loves MSU sports and traveled to the Rose Bowl with the Spartan Marching Band last January.

Lynnette Roth is a senior studying creative writing. She loves life, sewing, fall and her husband. Her closet has more shoes than clothes, and she believes that coffee is the only way to survive.

Haley Moglia is an interdisciplinary humanities major focusing in English, communications and professional writing. Haley’s days consist of writing for ing, working in the quaint office of Old Town Commercial Association, attempting to be a yogi and finishing marathons and jars of pickles.

Ian Terry is a professional writing major. He is the Head Writer for the Telecaster show TURN and a first-degree black belt in karate. He has a self-published a novel, Monster Seeker 2: Rise of the Phoenix King, and a short story, Bad Liar Society.