Graduation Do’s and Don’ts

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Graduation weekend is fast approaching. It’s a fun and exciting time for soon-to-be college graduates. With your family flocking to town and plenty to plan, we’ve come up with our best list of graduation Do’s and Don’ts. 



Plan what you’re going to wear under your graduation gown.

This goes for women and men. Women, make sure your dress is appropriate and doesn’t stick out from under your gown in any way that looks funny. Also, be sure to break in your heels so that you aren’t saying “ouch” with every step you take for the rest of the weekend. Guys, be sure to iron your dress pants and shirts and remember, a tie always look better than no tie.

Make reservations for lunch or dinner with your family and friends ahead of time.

Everyone is going to be going out to eat, either before or after their graduation ceremony. Making a reservation assures you a table to not only eat on time, but to eat where you want to on your big day.

Schedule graduation pictures with your friends before the last week of the semester.

Everyone will be crowding campus to take pictures with their family and friends on graduation weekend. If you can at least get your pictures taken with your friends ahead of time, it will save you a lot of frantic running around campus to your favorite spots to snap pictures.

Give yourself a time frame.

Your days will be busy between graduating, perhaps going to other graduation ceremonies, spending time with family, spending time with your family and your friends’ families, going out to eat and maybe even moving out. Plan your days ahead of time so that at the very least you know what things you want to do on each day.


Underestimate how busy everything will be.

Michigan State University will have around 50,000 students graduating… in the span of three days. Those 50,000 students are likely to have their family and friends here for their big weekend, which will only crowd East Lansing. Plan for increased traffic and for the extra time it will take to find parking.

Party too hard.

Don’t let celebrating get the best of you. Spend your time with your family and friends wisely.

Forget to factor in roommates’ guests.

You might not be the only one of your roommates who is graduating so remember, their guests will be around too! Be courteous and respectful of this time for everyone in your house or apartment.

Forget to say Thank You! 

Think of everyone who has helped you get to this point of crossing the stage: parents, family, friends, professors, mentors and advisors. Make sure you tell them how much their support has meant to you while you were at college. A quick letter or thank you card will mean a lot and really show your appreciation.


Happy graduation! Go Green!

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