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After a long, brutal winter, glimpsing a patch of verdant green grass poking out from beneath the sheets of snow will probably make you pause on your walk across campus. Spring is on the horizon; the air is getting warmer and the birds are flying back home — to Michigan State University. You may be excited to see the Red Cedar River begin to thaw, but nature isn’t the only thing warming up. Your friends and fellow Spartans are gearing up to bleed green for March Madness. Whether this is your first time celebrating, or it’s a yearly tradition, we at ing have you covered. Start by checking out our tips for surviving the craziness of college basketball.

Need other ways to “go green” this spring? Channel your inner Spartan spirit by reading up on the history of Sparty. If you want to be green by improving your carbon footprint on campus, see our cover story on MSU’s own recycling center, or “Spring into Being Green” and scan our list of the top five ways to environmentally improve your lifestyle.

Although Spartan green runs through our blood, March is also the month to celebrate the Emerald Isle. St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most celebrated holidays at MSU. If you still need some fun St. Patty’s Day plans, get some friends together and have a night in. Bring along some traditional Irish Soda bread from our COOKing feature for a special sweet treat. Top off the night with some classic movies that feature the hottest stars highlighted in our list of up-and-coming Irish actors.

We’ve made our way through a blossoming campus and given you some tips to make being green easier. Now it’s your turn to throw your own March Madness party, reduce your carbon footprint and celebrate the heritage of the Irish in the spirit of the new season.


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