How to Clean up Your Social Media Presence

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Social media has become a huge asset in our personal lives as well as our professional ones. Businesses are making it a crucial aspect of their company – It can be a helpful tool in a professional setting, so you better bet that your future employers are going to do their research on you before setting up an interview or hiring you. This is why it is crucial to make your social media above reproach. Here are some easy ways to clean up your social media presence:


DELETE OLD PHOTOS: You know those albums of awkward photos that you took back in 2010? It’s probably time to delete those. You do NOT want your future employers to think you’re still a duck face posing, digital camera selfie taker. Less is more.


UNTAG YOURSELF: Do your friends think it’s funny to tag you in embarrassing pictures? Did you know that tagged pictures are looked at with higher credibility than ones you upload? Don’t feel bad untagging yourself. Your personal brand is what others think of you, take control of the image others interpret of you.


NO BOOZE: While I know it’s fun to take pictures wasted at tailgates or when you’re out, but delete pictures that have alcohol or alcohol implications (red Solo cups, I’m looking at you). Save those for your personal use. You don’t want your future employers to think you are a hot mess. This is ESPECIALLY important if you are underage in the pictures.


CAPTION/TWEET CHECK: Swear words are a no. Watch for things that could be offensive. Do NOT make jokes about (or mention) getting arrested, an MIP or being drunk. Be classy.


DELETE SCANTILY CLAD PHOTOS: While I’m sure you look great; do you really want your future coworkers or bosses to see EVERYTHING? This could be bathing suit pictures or a skimpy outfit. Some things are better left to the imagination. Not everyone can get away with what Kim K posts.



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