How to Survive Music Festivals

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As much as we all love spring and the warmer weather approaching, it’s hard not to get a little excited for the summer months to arrive. While most of us are simply looking forward to a break from school and spending the majority of the week at the beach, hundreds of thousands of people are anxiously awaiting something much bigger: music festivals. Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Summerfest and Electric Forest are just some of the major summer festivals happening every year. It’s important to be ready for your big event, so here are some tips on how to survive music festivals:


Water Bottles-

Dehydration is real, and it’s important to stay hydrated on hot summer days, especially at music festivals. Nearly all music festivals have water bottle-filling stations, where workers will refill water bottles as often as needed. Not only are the water filling stations convenient, but they’re free, too. Most festivals will charge around $5 for a bottle of water, so packing an unopened or empty water bottle saves money and ensures hydration, which is crucial when wandering around outside in the sun all day.



Although music only requires listening, it’s still pretty exciting to be able to see a lot of talented bands on stage. Plus, let’s face it; the sun is not always willing to cooperate. Having a pair of good quality sunglasses will not only protect eyes from being burned by the UV rays, but it will give just enough eye coverage to see the musicians performing.



While many people think that getting a nice tan is a priority for warmer weather, it’s more important to avoid getting skin cancer. Almost every music festival is outside, and UVB radiation plays a major role in developing skin cancer, so the higher the SPF in the sunscreen, the better. Keep in mind that many festivals do not let people bring sunscreen into the parks/locations, but most of the first aid tents usually have sunscreen in case it is needed. Make sure to effectively apply sunblock beforehand or make a stop at the first aid tent as many times as necessary.



Everything is great when the sun is out, but what about when it goes down and things get a little chilly? Opt for a convenient layer before heading to your event! Tying a flannel around the waist, packing a sweater, or even carrying a small blanket around are all highly recommended options while enjoying the festival. An extra layer can also transform into a nice seating cushion for you.



Constantly checking a phone to see what time it is will only drain the battery life. Wearing a watch, or simply carrying one in a bag, will help save battery life and will decrease the chances of being distracted by a phone.


Know where to go-

Knowing where to go at a music festival will save time, effort and a whole lot of unnecessary humiliation. Almost every festival supplies a map of the entire event location upon arrival, and it’s highly recommended to use it in order to get to the right stage and be on time for the performance.

All in all, music festivals are great adventures and create lasting memories, so don’t get caught without a basic understanding of how to survive one. Be sure to follow these guidelines and have a summer that won’t soon be forgotten.


Taylor Downs is a junior professional writing major from Kalamazoo, Mich. You will almost always find her with coffee in hand or spending far too much time on her phone texting or listening to music. She loves going out to eat, indulging in TV reruns, and spending time with her family and friends.