Loving Mother Earth on Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is a time in which many of us celebrate the strong and powerful women in our lives with flower bouquets, Hallmark cards, brunch and more. This Mother’s Day, in addition to spending time with these women, try giving some love to our universal mother: Mother Earth. We at ing Magazine are all for sustainability, loving the planet and being green, so here are some ideas on how to celebrate not only the mothers in our lives, but Mother Earth as well:

Cut down on cards: While it may seem like this wouldn’t make much of a difference, cutting down on card-giving is a way to cut down on waste this Mother’s Day. While cards are a good way to express love and gratitude, simple or thoughtful gifts can have the same effect. Try purchasing a bouquet of your mom’s favorite colored carnations at a local flower shop; or if you want to take a more creative route, try making a do-it-yourself terrarium with easy to maintain succulents.

If card giving is your thing, however, there are plenty of options for cards made out of completely or partially recycled material for an eco-friendly approach.

Eat locally: Whether it’s preparing a meal for your mother with locally grown foods or eating at a farm-to-table restaurant, this option is great for staying green. Eating farm-to-table supports local businesses and farmers and cuts down on CO2 emissions and fuel usage due to the significantly shorter distance the food has to travel. The restaurant, Red Haven, is known for serving farm-to-table food and is a perfect option for those in the mid-Michigan area.

Sustainability and “going green” may seem like trending topics today, but the impact we make by taking steps towards these concepts have a permanent effect. Whether we are talking about the powerful women in our lives or Mother Earth, creating time for both this Mother’s Day will truly help spread the feeling of appreciation.