March Madness Rap Battle 2k15

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Round of 64

The hypothetical March Madness Rap Battle 2k15 has been a tournament to remember. History was made when Marky Mark, who many argued shouldn’t have even made the tournament, overcame The Notorious B.I.G. when the latter’s rebuttal rap was 90 seconds of laughter and the phrase, “Are you serious, man?”

Notorious was not the only one to show surprise at some of the selection committee’s decisions. There was a nationwide uproar when fans first realized that neither Drake nor T-Pain would be competitors in this year’s battle. Several rappers threatened to leave the competition when they saw names like Pitbull and Rihanna on the board, arguing that pop and hip-hop artists could hardly hope to compete with “real” rap stars. Chairman of the Selection Committee, Michigan State University student and rap expert Adam Nordquist, has been under media fire since mid-February, but remains unavailable for comment. Sources close to Nordquist have hinted that some under-the-table dealings may have played a part in the selection process.

Round of 32

The second round of the tournament saw Big Daddy Kane come from behind to capture the win against Jay-Z, whose one problem that evening was a lack of fresh lyrics. Tupac, an aberration — or apparition, really, since he was pronounced dead in 1996 — in this tournament, beat Dr. Dre. Reports claim that Dr. Dre may have been using Auto-Tune Beats by Dre, which is against competition guidelines, due to judge Simon Cowell’s request that artists stay pitchy. Sources say an investigation is underway, and appropriate legal actions will be taken if these allegations are true.

Sweet Sixteen

Iggy Azalea was a crowd favorite until her run came to an end against Kendrick Lamar in the sweet sixteen. Pitbull shocked viewers everywhere when he displayed his ability to drop lyrics filled with emotion. He landed a spot in the sweet sixteen, where he lost to André 3000. In unarguably the best rap battle this tournament has seen since its creation in 2015, Snoop Dogg and Tupac took their contest to six encores and eight standing ovations. Snoop claimed the victory and advanced to the elite eight, but certainly not without a struggle.

Elite Eight

Ludacris wowed the crowd when he left Kanye West staring sadly into a mirror in the sweet sixteen, but his run for the championship ended against none other than Slim Shady himself in the elite eight. Lil Wayne got a bit Weezy on stage and fell to André 3000, and Missy Elliott busted Busta Rhymes himself.

Final Four

Eminem breezed through the Midwest region like a rap god. He destroyed André 3000 in the final four with his ceaseless anger and spitfire rhymes. The Cinderella Story of the South, Missy Elliott, secured herself a final four spot against the best of the West. While Snoop Dogg won the battle with apparent ease, Elliott laid down some notable lines and left the crowd chanting, “Misdemeanor said so!”


Will the D-O-double G prove it’s a Doggy Dogg World, or will Slim Shady pull out all the stops and Just Lose It on the stage? Make sure to tune in on April 6, 2015, for the epic championship battle between Snoop Dogg of the West and Eminem of the Midwest. These two iconic rappers with completely different styles will juke it out for the title of Rap Star 2k15.

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