Most Instagram-able Places on Campus

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Michigan State is the nation’s pioneer land-grant university and one of the greenest campuses in the United States. MSU’s campus is composed of 5,200 acres of land and is overwhelmingly beautiful (especially in the fall). With that much land, I would say Michigan State is one of the most instagrammable college campuses in Michigan. If you want to up your Insta game AND get a ton of “likes” by your fellow Spartans, head to these places on campus:


1. BeaumBeaumont Toweront Tower: The John W. Beaumont Memorial Tower was built in 1928 and has been an icon at MSU ever since. Legend has it, if you kiss your significant other in the shadows of the tower or at midnight you’ll get married!



2. Horticulture Gardens: There are six distinct gardens covering over 7.5 acres. Each garden has a different theme


3. Spartan Statue: It was designed and produced by MSU assistant art professor Leonard D. Jungwirth. The original is now inside the atrium of the Spartan Stadium tower to protect it from the weather. An exact bronze replica now stands in the place of the original.


4. Red Cedar: The Red Cedar River Watershed extends for 461 square Red Cedarmiles, with around 100 square miles of urbanized area. MSU is located within the urbanized portion of the watershed. Don’t drink the water though, it doesn’t always pass guidelines for bacteria.


5. Spartan Stadium: Since its opening in 1923, Michigan State has won 70 percent of games played here. Since 2012, more than $34 million has been allotted to upgrading the 92-year-old stadium to enhance the experience on game day.


6. Baker Woodlot: Baker Woodlot and Rachana Rajendra Neo Tropical Baker WoodlotMigrant Bird Sanctuary covers 78 acres of MSU’S campus and is located on Farm Lane and Service road.


7. 4-H Children’s Garden: The garden features over 56 theme areas. The garden allows all ages to learn about horticulture because it offers hands-on learning and interactive activities


8. Botanical Garden: Beal Botanical Gardens was founded in 1873 and is the oldest garden of its type that has been continuously operated in the United States. It includes over 5,000 species.


9. North Campus: North Neighborhood halls are the oldest residence North Campushalls on campus and feature traditional collegiate-style architecture. The buildings look like something you’d see in Harry Potter.


10. MSU Dairy Store: They offers 32 flavors of ice cream. Their most popular flavor is the “Sesquicentennial Swirl,” it tastes like birthday cake! It was created in 2005 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of MSU!