What Type of Flower are You?

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Turns out the grass really is greener on the other side — well, at least when it comes to stepping out of winter and into spring. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and fresh flowers are budding everywhere. With so many vibrant colors and unique shapes, have you ever wondered what type of flower you might be? Take this quiz to find out what flower best fits your personality!

1. What’s your TV guilty pleasure?
a. Downton Abbey
b. Breaking Bad
c. The Bachelor
d. Supernatural

2. What’s your favorite dessert?
a. Apple pie
b. Crème Brûlée
c. Chocolate cheesecake
d. Banana split

3. What’s your idea of a perfect vacation?
a. Weekend trip to a bed and breakfast
b. Tropical beach vacation
c. Rustic cabin getaway
d. Backpacking across Europe

4. If you won the lottery tomorrow, what’s the first thing you would do?
a. Donate half to your favorite charity
b. Buy a home on a tropical island
c. Share a portion with your loved ones
d. Pay off your student loans and throw a party

5. If you had a superpower, what would it be?
a. Talking to animals
b. Being able to fly
c. Predicting the future
d. Time travel

6. What’s your ideal Friday night?
a. Movie night with your friends
b. Drinks at the bar
c. Date night with your significant other
d. A concert

7. What’s your drink of choice?
a. Coca Cola
b. Martini
c. Wine
d. Margarita

8. ____ is the song that always gets you singing along.
a. “Classic” by MKTO
b. “Drink You Away” by Justin Timberlake
c. “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber
d. “Life is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts

9. What’s your favorite color?
a. Unmellow yellow
b. Blizzard blue
c. Razzle dazzle rose
d. Electric lime

10. If your life was a movie, which one would it be?
a. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
b. No Strings Attached
c. The Notebook
d. The Avengers


Mostly A’s: You’re a daisy! The word “daisy” comes from Old English, meaning “day’s eye.” You are the smile that brightens the day and a kind soul that makes the world a beautiful place. Daisies represent purity and innocence and have been known to attract bees because they are as sweet as honey — just like you!

Mostly B’s: You’re a tulip! Your spunky and flirtatious personality is a reflection of the vibrant colors and flawless shape we see in tulips. Tulips have been cultivated in every color except classic blue, and no matter which way they have to twist, they always grow toward the sun. You are lively yet coy at times — a tulip in human form.

Mostly C’s: You are a rose! Love is the signature meaning behind a rose, and like the flower, you are hopelessly devoted to those you love the most. They say all you need in life is love; so who needs a dozen roses when they have someone as romantic as you?

Mostly D’s: You are a sundrop! Sundrops are bold, golden flowers that radiate confidence. You are independent and have a strong desire for adventure, like a sundrop that will effortlessly multiply and take over an entire garden. You have a wild side and wholeheartedly believe in taking the scenic route in life.


Emily Murray is a senior majoring in professional writing and minoring in public relations. She loves fashion, especially writing about it, and enjoys working with VIM Magazine, CollegeFashionista and keeping up with her own blog, From Me to Hue. Emily is also a member of the MSU Dance Club.