Spring’s Promise

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It’s that distinct, fresh smell in the air, the sight of new flowers budding, the whistle of birds chirping and the subtle vibration of bees buzzing. Springtime is here, and it introduces so many sensations that is has become a season so sweet you can almost taste it. Spring is also known as a time of renewal. As the snow melts it seems to wash all the winter blues away with it, leaving us with the promise of new beginnings, opportunities for growth and possibilities waiting to be explored. So, what do you say – how about kicking back with this April/May issue of ing Magazine and taking time to stop and smell the flowers this season? Because with the blooming scenery and rejuvenating vibes surrounding us, making time to truly enjoy yourself is what spring is all about!

Nature’s revival is certainly inspiring. Use its motivation to make a difference in the world around you and give back this spring. There is nothing quite as satisfying as being a positive influence in the lives of others. Learn more about philanthropies on campus and “Greeks Giving Back” this season. On the other hand, you could “Lend Some Love and Locks This Summer.” Not only is that an opportunity to help someone in need, but also a chance to try a new ’do. Short hair because you care is always on-trend.

Continue celebrating the revitalization of spring and make some time for yourself. An important note when stopping to smell the flowers is knowing what flowers best suit your fancy. Take ing Magazine’s “What’s Your Flower Personality?” quiz to find out what type of flower goes well with your personality.

Expand your knowledge on the atypical sounds of the ukulele by attending “Mighty Uke Day in Old Town” to find out what that unique instrument is all about.

Once you take a little time for yourself and explore the growing possibilities that surround you, make room for a bit of adventure. The possibilities are endless at “The Curious Bookshop,” because getting lost in a fantastic read has great potential to completely enrich your life. You may also take this time to look forward to all the promise the upcoming months of summer bring. Music festivals are a great way to fully embrace possibility, but the question often lies in “How To Survive Music Festivals”? Well, don’t let your worries interfere with reaching life’s potential because we’ve got the answer.

Treat yourself this spring! Hold your pinky up and sip on some tasty “Spring Spritzers,” stop and smell all the flowers you love and don’t let spring pass without enjoying all the sights, sounds, feeling, opportunities and possibilities the season promises.


Emily Murray is a senior majoring in professional writing and minoring in public relations. She loves fashion, especially writing about it, and enjoys working with VIM Magazine, CollegeFashionista and keeping up with her own blog, From Me to Hue. Emily is also a member of the MSU Dance Club.