State’s Declassified School Midterm Guide

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Summer tan lines are fading away and Spartan Stadium is once again teeming with fans proudly proclaiming they bleed green. While the arrival of fall is exciting, it also means that midterms are coming in hot.

Once you get past the endless spiral of studying, unplanned naps in the library and overdosing on caffeine, midterms aren’t actually that bad. All you have to do is follow this list of tips and tricks and maybe, just maybe, you will make it home for a victorious slice of pumpkin pie.


Study with people in your class

Because failing together is better than failing alone. But really. Your classmates can be your biggest resource, and by studying together, you can keep each other focused and positive.

Sweat it off

Between sitting in your dorm for hours on end and all the coffee you have been chugging, it’s time to channel some of that pent up energy. Going for a run, or playing volleyball with friends, can be a great way to clear your mind, refocus and relax.

Go off the grid

At one time or another, we have all been sucked into the black hole of procrastination we call social media. During midterms, avoid opening your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other app that serves as a time-waster. Or better yet, have your roommate temporarily lock you out of any social media accounts.

Get organized

Most of us will have more than one midterm this semester, which can feel a little overwhelming. Even if you don’t keep a planner, writing out a study schedule and sticking to it will keep you organized and your stress level low.

Switch it up

Staring at the same ugly study lounge walls for hours on end is torture. After a few hours, snag a spot at your favorite coffee shop or drag your roommate to the library. A change of scenery is refreshing and will motivate you to push on for just a few more hours.


Call your parents in a panic at 2 a.m.

No one wins in this situation. Trust me. Take a deep breath, order Insomnia Cookies and dive back into those flash cards. You’ve got this.

Start a new series on Netflix

Adding another distraction to your already busy life could take away from key study time. “Orange Is the New Black” and “The League” will still be there AFTER you ace all of your finals. I promise.


Riley Cortright is a highly caffeinated senior professional writing major. Riley enjoys binge-reading novels, going out to eat, cooking food to eat and talking about eating. When she isn’t writing for the newest issue of ing, Riley likes finding new music and feeding her addiction for online personality quizzes.