Stay Sharp Over The Summer

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After finals week is over, summer hits with a wave of relief. You get to relax, sleep in (yay, no more 7:45am finals…until next year), maybe take summer trips or simply enjoy the sunshine outside. However, beware of a summer gap on your resume. Don’t go the summer months without adding a new job, internship, qualification or skill to your list of experiences.

First and foremost: try to get a job or internship. Building your resume with experience is key to getting a job after college. Need I say more? Not sure where to look? Check out

Have you thought about taking a class or two over the summer? Michigan State has an extremely wide variety of classes to choose from. Take an elective or sign up for a class related to your major; either will keep your brain working and only make your future course load easier.

If summer classes aren’t for you, learn a skill to keep yourself marketable within your major. For example, if you’re an Advertising major, getting Google AdWord Certified is a huge resume booster and something you can do on your own time. If you’re a business major, turn your summer lawn mowing jobs into your own business. Share how you spread the word about your services and track how much you make to show profitability. If you’re an English major, start a blog and choose to write about whatever you’d like! Film majors – you can always go on adventures and trips with a video camera and make a mini series of videos in your free time.

Another option is to binge-read. Yes, instead of binge-watching Netflix every day, you can make a list of books to read! See if you can immerse yourself in a series of books or simply make a list of books you’ve always wanted to read and try to finish as many as possible over the summer.

Summer is the chance to learn something new. Why not pick up a new sport or exercise? You can hone your golf skills, give cycling a try, test your strength with weight lifting or any activity for that matter! Staying active is a fun way to not only stay healthy, but also to try out something new.

The point here is to not halt your learning. No matter what you do, always strive to keep building on your skills. Whether it is a summer class, learning a new skill, setting a goal to read more or getting fit, all contribute to your well being and staying sharp.

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