Sweater Weather

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As the smell of autumn sweeps campus and the leaves start changing colors and falling around the banks of the Red Cedar, students at MSU can finally sense that the long-awaited sweater weather
has arrived.

As we become accustomed to this cuddly season, we at ing thought it would be a good idea to provide analyses on some of the more commonly found sweaters throughout campus.

The Ugly Sweater: You know that old, extra large, knit crew neck with dancing Santa Clauses that has been buried in a box in your basement for as long as you can remember? Why not pull it out to wear to an ugly sweater party? “One time I was at an ugly Christmas-sweater party that my friend was having, and I saw someone wearing a sweater with a fuzzy cat in a Santa suit on it. My friends and I all thought it was hilarious,” says MSU junior, Mackenzie Kothe. As students have noted, college parties are notorious for themed festivities, and as the holiday season looms right around the corner, this theme is typically a popular one.

The MSU Crewneck/Hoodie: Having rated ninth place on The Business Insider’s list of the “20 colleges with the most hardcore sports fans,” Michigan State is a campus that is notorious for its spirited students. Why not showcase your school pride and parade around the banks of the Red Cedar in your favorite colors, green and white?

The Cable-Knit Sweater: A classic go-to fall essential for many girls across campus, these are easy to dress both up or down. The cable knit sweaters come in many different styles: chunky, ribbed, loosely or tightly knit, etc. Wear it with a warm scarf, jeans and boots, or with some plain leggings and moccasins. For girls, this look is as versatile as it is comfortable.

The Oversized Sweater: The quintessential, extra-baggy sweater: No matter its shape, drape or form, it’s your go-to comfort piece. This sweater is easy to bum around to class in and is great for those cold 8 a.m. classes. Not to mention, almost everyone knows there’s no better feeling than sipping your pumpkin spice latte in this sweater and some cozy slippers while binge-watching Netflix.


Jade Wiselogle is a junior majoring in professional writing, with a specialization in public relations. She dreams of Valentino gowns, NY Fashion Week and working with Anna Wintour. Her editorial experience includes an internship at Seventeen Magazine and working as the Creative Director of MSU’s VIM Magazine.