Take your Hot Dog Game to a New Level

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Everyone knows that hot dogs are a tailgate essential. While hotdogs with ketchup and mustard are a classic, why not try something new? Football season is approaching quickly so check out these easy ways to spice up your dogs!

1.      Breakfast Dog: It’s never too early for hot dogs! For those early morning tailgates add scrambled egg, American Cheese and Sriracha to a bacon wrapped hot dog!

2.      Pizza Dog: This dog is the best of both worlds. Add tomato sauce, mozzarella and the toppings of your choice!

3.      Guacamole Dog: What isn’t guac great on? For this dog add guacamole and salsa, then drizzle with hot sauce.

4.      Bacon Barbeque Dog: Swap out ketchup and mustard for barbeque sauce! Add bacon, cheddar cheese and your favorite barbeque sauce to your dog!

5.      American Hot Dog: Didn’t think that hot dogs could get more American? You’re in for a treat! Add barbeque sauce, pulled pork and coleslaw!

6.      Mexican Dog: Add chipotle mayo, avocado and cotija cheese for a Mexican style dog!

7.      Nacho Dog: A combination of two of the best tailgate eats! Add tortilla chips, pickled jalapenos and nacho cheese to the dog of your choice!

8.      German Dog: Add sauerkraut, mustard and crushed up pretzels for a German inspired hot dog! A pretzel bun would be a great addition too!

9.      ChicagoChicago Style Dog: For all you who haven’t tried a Chicago dog, now’s your chance! Ditch the ketchup and add dill pickle, sliced tomatoes, sweet pickle relish, pickled peppers, diced onion, yellow mustard and a poppy seed bun! Sprinkle the top with celery salt.

10.  Coney Dog: Last but certainly not least, is this Michigan favorite. Add diced onions, yellow mustard and beef chili! The recipe for the chili can be found here!