The First Day of Class at MSU

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The first days of freshman year can be a doozy — you’ve been thrown into a new environment, and on a campus as big as MSU’s, you’re bound to feel a bit lost and alone.

Everyone has a story from their first week at MSU; some are good and some are bad. You’ll have some of the best moments of your life here on this campus, and, unfortunately, some of the worst.

I personally found myself in a calculus 3 class on my first day, chipper as a chipmunk as I thought about how much I loved math, but just 50 minutes later, I was crying on the phone to my dad about how much I hated math and had no clue why I was even taking this class, as it most likely would not apply to anything I would major in.

Needless to say, by that evening I had dropped calculus 3.

Stephanie Fierens, now a senior, recalled searching the third floor of the engineering building endlessly for a bathroom on her first day.

“We were in a class and the professor divided us into groups to work on a project,” Fierens said. “I had to go to the bathroom so badly, but we were up on the third floor and I had no idea where to find one. I wandered the halls, seeing men’s bathrooms and expecting to turn the corner and see a women’s [bathroom], but there were NONE! I spent so much time searching for a bathroom and never found one, and had to return to class and hold it for another hour until class was over and I could run back down to the first floor.”

Senior Alex Casabuena said that his first week at MSU was pretty standard.

“I was that typical freshman who didn’t know that it was so uncool to wear your lanyard around your neck while walking to class with a map in your face,” Casabuena laughed. “I quickly learned, though. By about the end of the first week, I was starting to feel a little more confident. The lanyard was in its rightful place (my pocket), and I was walking to a class that was meeting for the first time. I walked into Natural Resources with my head high, with all the confidence in the world that I was in the right place for class. It was nearly 12:40 p.m. and my class was [about] to start when I realized that my class was in Natural Sciences, not Natural Resources.”

Graduates Sarah Hoffman and Rochelle Kirzhner decided to try the nightlife at MSU after their first day of classes.

“We were coming back from trying to go to an off-campus party, and it was dark out. We had no idea how to get back, but ran into two people who were going to the same dorm we were, so we just followed them back,” they said. “A few days later at a floor meeting, our RAs told our whole floor not to be hesitant to ask for directions when we need them, because just a few days before some freshmen had done that and gotten back safely because of it. We sat there in silence because we were those freshmen; the two people we had followed back were other RAs and they had told ours what had happened.”

Senior Devin Kopec remembers that the stress of scheduling classes paid off in the end.

“I didn’t get into my math class until the second week, so I was crazy stressed about that, trying to get overrides and find an opening. As a result, I took this offbeat night class. [The class] turned out to be very helpful and I really learned calculus 2, and now I’ve tutored for it twice a week for the last two years. It’s crazy how things work out in the end.”

Fortunately, it gets better. Campus starts to make sense and fellow Spartans are always willing to help — or tell you a story about their first week that will help you through yours. You’ll get through it and have memories to share, just like the thousands of other students who remember all too well what it was like to be a new freshman on
MSU’s campus.

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Lauren Link is a senior professional writing major specializing in public relations. She enjoys engaging in profound discussions regarding college athletics and spending as much time as she can outdoors. When Lauren isn’t exercising at the gym, she can be found cooking delicious meals in her kitchen or searching the streets of East Lansing for stray cats.


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