The Great Outdoors

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Fall semester has some of the best weather at MSU; it’s the season right between the heat from the hot summer sun and just before the frigid winter. This goldilocks period allows for all kinds of outdoor activities, including running, hiking, hammocking, biking, racing and paddling — the list goes on
and on.

However, endless possibilities means that you might end up wasting your fall semester trying to discover which spots are the best for each activity or finding a group of people to do them all with. Luckily, there are clubs already set on tackling all of these activities along with anything else that involves getting outside.

MSU Outdoors Club

MSU Outdoors Club is “a club dedicated to exploring the great outdoors” and its members are committed to taking advantage of every piece of scenery that the greater Lansing area has to offer. The club frequently ventures off into surrounding areas to find more opportunities away from campus. Students itching to explore campgrounds, rock climb or hike through winding trails flock to the MSU Outdoors Club. In addition to exploring the area around us, they also go on a few trips that require a bit more travel. Every year, members of the club go on a trip up north to the Wilderness State Park to live out of wood-heated cabins and hike through trails that overlook Lake Michigan.

Their dedication to outdoor adventure isn’t only reserved for Michigan; the club even takes to the road for different events around the U.S. The club plans to travel to West Virginia to go white water rafting, and later in the semester, they plan to take a canoe trip all the way from campus to Lake Michigan, a total of 165 miles.

But don’t let these bigger trips scare you off. The club is open to all levels of adventurers.

“We’re happy to have everyone join us,” said Luke Rookus, economics major and president of the outdoors club. “You don’t have to have any previous experience to join.”

Meetings for the MSU Outdoors club are held every Monday at 8 p.m. in room 208 of IM West.

Hammocking Club

We all know what hammocking is; being suspended between two trees, surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, nothing but a thin canvas between you and the open air underneath. Well, here at MSU we have an entire club committed to hammocking and making sure you’re having the best time while
doing it.

Hammocking Club is a club set on combining fun, relaxation and environmental safety with the art of hammocking. Even though it has been recently banned on campus for fear that it damages the wildlife, the club is actively trying to reach some type of compromise with the university by gathering signatures for petitions and meeting with university officials.

For now, the club takes most of their hammocking off campus, but they still hold meetings on campus to discuss things like equipment and ideal lounging areas.

“In addition to relaxing on the banks of the Red Cedar … we’ve done weekend trips, a little bit of activism as well as volunteered with sustainability projects,” said Maryssa Trupiano, vice president of the club.

If you have a knack for hammocking or are thinking about joining the club, then be sure to send an email to for more information about meeting times and locations.


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