The Green Door Bar and Grill: A Spartan-certified spot for good food – and good music

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We ordinarily scope out new acts and artists to listen to in our LISTENing section, but we think it’s equally important to highlight the places people can go to best enjoy said listening experiences. For the most part, music venues do the trick, but eateries also provide an atmosphere conducive to hearing new music performed.

Enter The Green Door Bar & Grill, a top spot in Lansing for food and live entertainment. Every evening, a new genre of music, a comedic act or another form of live entertainment such as karaoke or trivia is put forth by the pub, and according to the favorable reviews of the place online, all are enjoyable. As one pub-goer remembers about his visit, “(There were) more than 50 people at the end at 2 a.m. when the lights went off.”

Just a few weekends ago, I was able to travel to the Green Door with a few friends of mine in tow. Walking up to the entrance of the place, I immediately realized the origin of the restaurant’s name. The entire front door is painted green, the signage overhead the only indicator that this is, indeed, a restaurant and bar.

As I entered alongside my friends, I was taken aback by how big the interior was. This was no mere hole-in-the wall grub spot or dive, but rather an accommodating social environment.

Immediately to the right of the front door looms a large open area for bands and other acts to set up and perform. Although I had to leave prior to the Saturday night band’s performance, I couldn’t help but think of how great it would be to see one of Michigan State’s own acts over some good food with good company.

Definitely check out The Green Door if you’re in the mood for a music-filled eating experience. Be sure to stop by when you catch wind that a frequenting act such as Spoonful, Summer of Sol, Starfarm or Soulstice of Lansing is assuming the entertainment role for the night. Their performances promise to make you want to attend.

Visit the restaurant’s website,, to check out the place, a menu and news of all upcoming events the establishment has to offer.


Taylor Rummel is a junior professional writing major who loves music. He has contributed to several music publications and is currently a senior writer and editor for the music blog Hillydilly. When he’s not reading, writing or finding your new favorite artist, he’s watching “Family Feud” and “The Walking Dead.”


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