The Madness of March

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Surprise! We’re half way through March and less than 8 weeks away from the end of the semester. While we’re all snapping back into the college routine after Spring Break, it seems like there are a million things to do. Perhaps you’re buried in schoolwork, an internship, or work, or maybe even a combination of those. Maybe you even forgot where your class was this morning after having a week off of school (hey, it happens once in a while). Whatever your situation is, get your head in the game because it’s time for March Madness.

I’m sure you haven’t gone too far this morning without hearing March Madness being mentioned. After all, the months here at Michigan State go, January, February, Izzo, May . . . and so on. The best way to approach this entire crazy, excitement-filled tournament is to look at the bracket and scan those 68 teams. We’ve got a bracket for you here:


Obviously, we want Michigan State to go all the way. Tom Izzo does go by the name “Mr. March” at this time of the year. He leads college basketball coaches since the 1995-96 season with the most Final Four appearances. Mr. March has seven Final Four appearances, while Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski, Louisville’s Rick Pitio and University of North Carolina’s Roy Williams have five.

So how are our chances? Well, we didn’t get a first seed – those went to Oregon, North Carolina, Kansas and Virginia. Even as a second seed, we’re a strong contestant to make it to the Final Four and perhaps snag the National Championship title. It’s clear we’re on everyone’s radar. ESPN College Basketball analyst Dick Vitale said:

“In the title game, I have Tom Izzo and Michigan State cutting down the nets over Oklahoma. Izzo can do what Rick Pitino did in 2013, win the national title and make the Basketball Hall of Fame in the same weekend.”

We couldn’t agree more, Dick. GO GREEN!


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