Top Dorms, Top Study Spots and More!

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Best tailgating apparel For Guys

Shorts or pants with pockets: Storage is key on game day; you’ll want your ID, some cash, keys, gum and maybe even sunglasses if the sun is out.

Tennis shoes: Whether you go to the game or stick around at the tailgate, odds are you’ll be on your feet all day, so do your feet a favor and give them support.

Sweatshirt/Hoodie: Fall is an unpredictable season, so it’s great to have a sweatshirt on hand even when the weather starts out warm.

Best tailgating apparel For Girls

Wallet with a neck strap: There are no purses allowed in Spartan Stadium, so make sure you pack your essentials in a small wallet that can hang safely around your neck.

Skinny jeans: Great for fall weather and always fashionable, you’ll be glad for the extra pockets. But don’t you dare wear any yellow with a pair of blue jeans.

Leggings: Comfortable, cute, comfortable, comfortable … what more can you ask for? Pair these with cute flats or boots and you’ll be super stylish at the next tailgate.

Light jacket: It can get cold out, so this is a must-have when going to the game. It’s also great outdoor gear for storing your ID, phone and extra cash.

For Everyone

LOTS OF GREEN: You can never wear too much green and white! We mean never.
Foam fingers: Put your hands in the air, and wave your foam finger like you just don’t care.

Face/Body paint: Kick your school spirit into high gear. Don’t just wear green and white on your back; put it on your face and anywhere else you feel needs a boost in MSU pride.

Comfortable shoes/tennis shoes: Keep your body happy with great support all day. Your feet, legs and back will thank you.

Your Spartan Card: You won’t get into Spartan Stadium without it! Keep it near and dear to you; it’s your ticket to life (and, well, the football game).

Best Dorm in Each Neighborhood

South Neighborhood
Case: Great proximity to all athletic events on campus, suite-style bathrooms and not too far south.

North Neighborhood
Abbott: Located on Grand River, close to off-campus dining and local shops, community bathrooms and classic architectural design.

Brody Neighborhood
Armstrong: Newly renovated and reopened in 2013, community bathrooms and near Frandor Shopping Center.

River Trail Neighborhood
Shaw: Enjoy a riverfront view, community bathrooms and prime location in the center of MSU’s campus.

East Neighborhood
Hubbard: Living on the 12th floor gives students a great view of East Lansing, suite style bathrooms and a Sparty’s makes this building second to none.

Honorable Mention

Mayo: Rumor has it there’s a ghost that happily haunts these halls, community bathrooms and an old-style design.

Best Cafeterias

Brody Square: Partake in authentic Mexican food at Cayenne’s, where homemade tortillas are served fresh.

The Gallery at Snyder-Phillips: Experience cuisine from around the world at Latitudes.

The Vista at Shaw: Pay a visit during dinnertime for authentic brick oven pizza made fresh daily.

The Edge at Akers: Relive the summer days of barbeque with the smoked meat served up at The Pit.

Wilson Dining: Visit this underrated cafeteria after 8 p.m. for a fabulous late night wrap.

Best Hang-out Spots

Basketball/Volleyball courts by dorms: Meet new friends while displaying your skills or chill out on the grass and watch. These are great places to take a break from your work or enjoy the nice weather.
On the banks of the Red Cedar. Find your own hidden tree stump or enjoy the great cement spot by the rapids just outside of Wells Hall. There’s nothing more soothing than the sounds of the river so near and dear to Spartan hearts.

Beaumont Tower: Enjoy the musical bells chiming away, but be careful who you kiss here at midnight! Rumor has it a kiss at midnight under Beaumont Tower means a lifetime together.

Adams Field: Located by the dorms of north campus, Adams Field is a great place to relax on a blanket or throw a Frisbee around.

W.J. Beal Botanical Gardens: Take a stroll through the flowers and enjoy the green scenery. Take a deep breath — you’ll lose the smell of textbooks and transport yourself to a new world. Calming and mellow, it will ease all of your semester stress away.

The strip on Grand River: It’s a walk through campus, but there’s always great restaurant seating to relax with friends.

Best Off-campus Living Locations

College Towne: Whether you’re looking for laid-back luxury or just a place to crash for the night, at College Towne apartments you’re sure to feel right at home. It’s only a short distance from campus, too.
Cedar Village: This is a prime location if you don’t mind sharing a room and paying a little extra for a little less space. You’ll be right near campus and in the center of all Spartan celebratory fun.

Houses on the northeast end of Grand River Avenue: These include streets from Collingwood Drive through Spartan Avenue, and even beyond toward Hagadorn Road. You may be a bit far from certain parts of campus, but the student atmosphere is ever-present.

Houses on the west end of Grand River Avenue and Michigan Avenue: Located a bit closer to many parts of campus and to sporting events, these areas are also student-dominated and therefore reliable for a fun college experience.

Best convenience stores

Quality Dairy: Multiple locations surrounding MSU’s campus allow for a quick trip no matter where you may be. Grab some donuts and cider in the fall or a quick scoop of ice cream — just don’t forget to sign up for a QD rewards card!

7-Eleven: Snacks, cold beverages and more are all available at locations on Lake Lansing Road, on the corner of Grand River Avenue and Bogue Street or the corner of Albert Avenue and Grove Street.

Sparty’s Express: Find great items on-the-go at locations in the Administration Building, the MSU Union and elsewhere on campus.

Sparty’s Refresh: Hot and cold drinks available and that famous Spartan Spirit Coffee. Multiple locations throughout campus for your enjoyment!

Sparty’s Cafe: Made-to-order food, snacks and other great pick-me-ups. It will quickly become a favorite! Various locations across MSU’s campus.

Best Meal Deals

Dairy Store grilled cheese: You thought this place was only known for its ice cream, but swing by on Mondays for a $2 grilled cheese and soup combo. You can enjoy high-quality food that doesn’t empty your wallet.

Moe Mondays and Thursdays: This deal is a necessity if you’re craving southwestern food. It’s only $6.49 for any burrito, chips, unlimited salsa and drink combo. And did we mention you can get guacamole on that for free?

Burgers and drinks on Thursdays: On Thursdays (for those 21+), head to Burgerama at the Riv from 1-9 p.m. for $1 burgers, $1 fries and $3.75 pitchers of Coors Lite. Another great Thursday deal is Burger Bash at PT O’Malley’s. From 3-8 p.m., burgers and fries are each $1 and all drinks are half off.

Jimmy John’s 50 cent day-old bread: Whoever said fresh bread is the only way to get a carb fix hasn’t been to Jimmy John’s. It’s a little less fresh but available for a lot less money with no loss in flavor. Who’s going to pass that offer up?

Bruegger’s day-old bagels: Great for toasting, delicious with cream cheese and optimal for a breakfast sandwich, no one will ever know these bagels weren’t baked that day.

The Hooked App: Check out exclusive, short-term offers from the best local restaurants by downloading this app. It’s great for discovering those hidden foodie gems and calming those late-night cravings.

Best Studying Spots

Library: Whether you study in silence on the east side or work in groups on the west side, the Main Library is a great place to bunker down for the long haul. It comes complete with a Sparty’s, many computers and plenty of printers.

The Union: Take a seat on a comfy couch or grab a table. There’s plenty of room for one person or a group. This is a great place to dive into study mode, whether you’re working solo or with roommates. If you’re a woman there’s a bonus: a women’s lounge on the first floor provides a space where you can study in silence or take a few moments to relax on some chaise lounge chairs.

John F. Schaefer Law Library: Find your focus in the high-pressure atmosphere of the Law Library. With serious graduate students surrounding you, you’re bound to get more work done.

Residence Hall Study Lounges: Make new friends while spreading out in a residential environment. Be prepared to chat more than work, but cherish the memories that will be made at 3 a.m. with your fellow hall mates.

Wells Hall (2nd and 3rd floors, B wing): Be sure to check out Wells Hall — the second and third floors offer spacious rooms great for study sessions. While you’re catching up on your homework, don’t forget to enjoy the scenic view through the floor length windows.

Outside: This is the place to be, especially when spring arrives on campus. Grab your books, some music, maybe a little food and get your study on. You’ll relax in no time and hopefully start to focus on that upcoming test.


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