Five Places to Try Near East Lansing This Summer

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Getting sick of the chain restaurants on Grand River? Looking for a new study spot? Spending the summer in East Lansing is the perfect time to venture out and try new places. I wish I wouldn’t have waited until my junior year to start exploring what the surrounding cities have to offer. Some of my picks require having your own mode of transportation, but for the majority of these you can just hop on the CATA bus! 

Latte at Chapelure

Latte at Chapelure

I’ve found that the main library can easily turn into a social hour if you aren’t careful. When I need to get work done, I like to be in a comfortable environment where I can immerse myself in my work. Coffee shops are my place of choice. By the time junior year rolls around, you can never go to the Starbucks by Charles Street without seeing someone you know. If you are looking to avoid this, I recommend trying out Chapelure and Strange Matter.

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Cinnamon Honey Latte at Strange Matter

Chapelure has two locations. The original is in Hannah Plaza on Hagadorn Rd. and the recently opened new addition is in Eastwood Towne Center. They specialize in Asian and European inspired cakes and pastries, all of which are made in-house. They have a variety of unique latte flavors and yes, they do latte

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Rock Shrimp Pizza, featured on The Cosmos Pizza’s Instagram page

Strange Matter Coffee Company is on the corner of Michigan Ave. and Clemens Ave. in Lansing. It’s a cozy shop featuring an espresso and pour-over bar. At times it can get a bit crowded, but I’ve never had trouble finding a place to get my work done. I would recommend the cinnamon honey latte.

If you love pizza but want to spice it up, you have to try The Cosmos. It’s anything but your average pizza. The menu features many unique options including one pizza named “Trust Us.” This pizza’s toppings change daily and is always out of this world! All of the pizzas are wood-fired and Cosmos also offers a variety of beer and wine. 

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Chicken and Steak Tacos from El Oasis

If you’ve ever driven down Michigan Ave., I’m sure you’ve seen El Oasis. It’s a taco truck in the middle of a parking lot, but don’t be discouraged! If you are in the mood of authentic Mexican food, this is where to go. The food is made from family recipes and is extremely affordable. The quesadillas, burritos and tacos are among my favorites.

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Old Nation’s Avocado Steakhouse Burger with Mac and Cheese

My last pick is a bit of a drive but worth it. Old Nation Brewing Company is about a twenty-minute drive, located in Williamston. If you are looking for a good burger and beer combo, this is the place to go. One of their beers has Sanders chocolate in it. You can even have mac and cheese as a side for no extra cost! 

With all these options available to you, there’s always something new to try. Don’t get me wrong, East Lansing is amazing. But don’t be scared to try something different!

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