Unique Date Ideas for any MSU Couple

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Maintaining a healthy and romantic relationship in college can come with many hardships and struggles. Every couple has to find their own way to deal with the trials that arise while in a relationship. Most find time in between making it to classes, volunteering at organizations and tending to the other responsibilities that they have. No matter the number of jobs that students work, let’s be real, we are all just a bunch of broke college kids trying to keep our relationships alive with a little bit of pocket change and spare coins that we found between our couch cushions.

Maybe your significant other is seeking something more exciting than a dinner at Conrad’s and drinks at Harper’s. Luckily, we are all blessed to be attending one of the most beautiful and diverse universities in the country, so we don’t have to look very far to find an array of affordable and enjoyable events or activities to take our sweethearts to. If you are in need of some unique and spontaneous date destinations, check out the ones listed below:


Take Them Out to a Ball Game

If your special somebody is a die-hard sports fan, or just can’t resist being a member of a cheering crowd, then take a walk to McLane Baseball Stadium, located near Jenison Field House for an exciting MSU men’s baseball game. Who can resist the sweet smell of ballpark hot dogs and freshly cut grass? The MSU men’s baseball team’s 2016 schedule includes 22 games in East Lansing, including some against Big Ten opponents like Indiana, Maryland and Nebraska. So, why not go cheer on your favorite colors, green and white, to victory? Your wallet can rest easy knowing that all home baseball games are free to students with a valid MSU ID.


A Night at the Theatre

If your significant other is a lover of the performing arts or enjoys a more creative point of view, take them to an MSU Department of Theatre play. The Michigan State University Department of Theatre is currently debuting A Season of Journeys throughout the 2016 spring semester. “Xtigone” by Nambi E. Kelley will be debuting at the end of March and will run through early April at the Arena Theatre. Lastly, “Grease” by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey will run from April 15 through April 24 at the Pasant Theatre. You can purchase tickets from the Wharton Center Box Office or online at whartoncenter.com. MSU students’ price of admission ranges from $10 to $17, depending on the show. Just remember to enter your PID when you purchase the ticket, and you’ll receive the discounted student price.


Picnic in the Gardens

The only place on campus that can offer you perfect natural beauty is the W. J. Beal Botanical Garden. MSU’s gardens are said to be some of the oldest continually maintained university botanical gardens in all of the United States. It’s five acres dedicated to the public free of charge, and over 1,800 different species of plants call the garden their home. Its beauty is present no matter the season, which makes it the perfect place for you and your lover to relax, unwind and appreciate being in the moment with the one that you care about. Pack a picnic or just steal some food from the café and venture into the gardens. It will be time well spent!


Go Exploring Around Campus

Having such a diverse and unique campus is what makes Michigan State feel like home. Find a spot that you and your significant other have never been to before and see where the night takes you. Take a cheesy photo in front of the Spartan statue and other famous spots on campus; search down Grand River for the best slice of pizza. Maybe there’s an opportunity for you and your arm candy to volunteer on campus. No matter what you decide to do, have fun!


Yes, being a college student is challenging enough on its own, and yes, dating is another difficult endeavor, yet somehow despite the ups and downs college students find a way to make their relationships strong and their bonds with the ones we love unbreakable without having to take out another student loan. No matter the place that you decide to take your special guy or girl, remember that it is never the location that makes a place memorable, it’s the person that you are with.

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