Unwind With Australian Acoustic-Folk Artist Xavier Dunn

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Our lives are fast-paced and frenetic enough, and though it’s nice to have things to accommodate the quick pace — smartphones, TiVo, etc. — it’s equally important to buck the trend at times and settle into a calmer atmosphere. Music affords us a perfect opportunity to unplug, and an unheralded but impressive acoustic artist like Xavier Dunn provides the exact kind of soft musicianship we can definitely use more of.

Although the Australian singer, songwriter and producer isn’t signed and hasn’t received much media attention, listening to any piece he has released will tell you all you need to know about the high musicianship of his craft. He has an undeniably great indie-folk sound he incorporates into all of his works, and visions of late nights and campfire get-togethers are induced in the minds of all who listen to them. Dunn’s sound is similar to the likes of Bon Iver and other folk and falsetto-pairing acts and artists, but his propensity to experiment with dissimilar works to his own (he recently covered tracks from rap artists A$AP Rocky and Kanye West) puts him rightly in his own artistic lane.

While we begin our New Year and (try) to fulfill the resolutions we’ve set for it, take some time to unwind and let the soft-sounding art of acoustic music find a place in your life. It can be difficult to articulate the soothing qualities this kind of music affords, but when you take the time to sit down and listen to it, personal stresses and anxieties melt into relaxation. Xavier Dunn is a wonderfully “unplugged” artist who seems to understand this notion, and as a long-time admirer of his work, it’s easy to recommend him to anyone with a craving for light and lovely sounds.


Taylor Rummel is a junior professional writing major who loves music. He has contributed to several music publications and is currently a senior writer and editor for the music blog Hillydilly. When he’s not reading, writing or finding your new favorite artist, he’s watching “Family Feud” and “The Walking Dead.”


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