Welcome Week: Now You’re an Official Spartan

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You will never feel more Spartan love than during Welcome Week. An aroma of happiness, excitement and Green pride fill the air. It was my favorite time of the semester. I say was, because as you’re reading this, I’m no longer on campus. In May of this year, I graduated from the College of Arts and Letters with a degree in Professional Writing and English. It’s scary to think about the fact that I won’t be here for another welcome week as an undergrad but the memories it has given me from my four years are irreplaceable.

The day I moved into my dorm was terrifying. I was going to be away from my mom for the first time in my life until who knows when, I didn’t know anyone and my roommate hadn’t moved in yet. I was alone. It was my worst night on campus from that aspect but then my cousin told me that “it will get easier 

and better from there.” He was right. I am here to tell you that the first night will be the hardest but it will get so much better from there and Welcome Week is instrumental in that.

During Welcome Week, you get to see the beauty of campus, without worrying about rushing to or from class. There isn’t any stress yet to stop you from taking it in. This also gives you an opportunity to learn campus. When you’re new, campus can seem enormous but after you’re used to it, it’s a cozy neighborhood where you have one thing in common with everyone else: you bleed green. This is a good time to plot your route to class and “test it.” So take the bus, ride your bike and walk around campus to find the buildings your classes are in and see everything MSU has to offer. 

Fall convocation is your official welcome to MSU. It’s early in the morning at the Breslin Student Event Center but it’s definitely something you don’t want to miss. You get to hear speeches from some of the deans of colleges, as well as the dean of MSU. They even bring in the author of the One Book, One Community book to speak. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll get a chance to hear the Spartan Dischords sing. It’s not the most wickedly fun thing to do during Welcome Week, but it definitely fills you with a sense of pride and happiness that this is finally your home too. 

The biggest event of Welcome Week is Sparticipation, a huge gathering of all the clubs, groups, Greek life, athletic teams and everything in-between that MSU has to offer. It’s a great way to make friends, find clubs you may be interested in, get information and enjoy yourself. There is also a huge barbeque during Sparticipation and the MSU Quidditch team may even have a game to show their skills. At the end of the night, the official welcome is topped off with a round of fireworks. It’s a great way to seal your welcome to the MSU community. 

As a future graduate of MSU writing this, and a current graduate of MSU to those of you reading this, I hope you make amazing memories during welcome week. If you’re a returning student, Welcome Week is a great way to welcome you back home. If you’re a freshman or a new student on campus, Welcome Week is an official welcome to the amazing Spartan family and it’s the start of your amazing journey. Take in every minute of it; I guarantee you it will go faster than you know.