What Gives You Goosebumps?

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Anyone who can sit through the opening ceremonies of a Michigan State University football game and not get Goosebumps is not human.

I’m serious. I’ve been watching home games live for more than 10 seasons (first as a student and now as an alum) and each and every time the marching band takes the field, I just die. They are followed by the awesome sounds of AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” and the team running out and taking the field. The cheerleaders, the fans and thanks to the two huge new screens, the great live-action looking Spartan statue coming alive. It’s all just so magical.

Okay, perhaps magical isn’t the word a true football fan would use and to be honest, I doubt opening ceremonies is the correct terminology for this part of the pre-game process, but to me, it’s a ceremony and to me it’s magical.

Of course, the Spartans are a great team to watch. I’ve seen them low and I’ve seen them high. I’ve been to games I knew we would lose and games I knew we’d win (how great was that Eastern game on Sept. 20, by the way), but the pre-game fun never, ever fails.

I’ve thought long and hard about my favorite part of fall on campus — and there’s certainly a lot to choose from — but those Goosebump-inducing moments at the start of each home football game are it for me.

Speaking of Goosebumps, October is the month for a different kind of Goosebump — the kind you get from being scared.

With Halloween providing the perfect opportunity for haunted houses, haunted hay rides, haunted house parties (it is MSU after all!) and more, there is sure to be plenty of spooky stuff going on around campus and through the greater Lansing region. Check out page 24 for a few ideas on great fall activities to hit up
this month.

One group on campus doesn’t wait around until Halloween to get scared. The MSU Paranormal Society, who is featured on our cover this month, is a group of ghost chasers who are doing their best to make contact with those on the other side. Working year-round and hosting a variety of activities, this group is made up of students with a wide-variety of majors. Their common interest? The paranormal. Check out their story on page 18. The club is open to all, so if your love of ghost stories extends beyond Oct. 31, be sure to check them out in person.

The cooler weather may mean more time at home, which is the perfect time to cook up some comfort food, check out the latest in music, movies and TV shows and even try your hand at a DIY craft. We have features on each topic this month to assist you with all your crafting and entertaining needs.

I hope you’re enjoying the new ing Magazine. If there’s anything else you want to read about or see featured please drop me a line at emily@m3group.biz.

Happy Halloween!