WRITing: Let’s Live a Little

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They say that if you’re not living life on the town then you’re not really living.

O.K., so maybe that saying has not officially been coined by a famous figure, but this month’s issue of ing Magazine is here to show you just what it means to live life on the town. Cue the accordions and let the madness begin, because it’s March; live it up.

A definite way to fully live life on the town is to make sure you know all of the secret gems in your town and, naturally, East Lansing has several. Discover “Unique Date Ideas for any MSU couple,” scout out the “Best Spots for Waffle Day” and find the “Best Places with Outdoor Seating” so that you are prepared as the weather begins to warm up. Even get a tip on the “Map to the Best Bar Crawl Experience” because life in this town wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Rick’s American Café, right?

Nonetheless, life on the town is not only about going out on the town, but giving back and making a difference in your town as well. March is American Red Cross Month, so check out our cover story and find out how to give back with the Red Cross. Finally, don’t forget that Good Friday takes place in March this year. You may ask, “What’s So Good About Good Friday”? Don’t worry, ing Magazine has the answer.

Festivities are certainly a key part to life on the town, and luckily March has its fair share of fun and games. Plan an adventure for March 17 to properly celebrate St. Patrick’s Day 2016. Make the most of your spring break no matter where your destination is located. Oh, and don’t forget that March is National Nutrition Month! Among all the excitement this month brings, plan to be “Marching into Fitness” along the way.

March is certainly more enjoyable than you may have originally thought. From finding the best styles for the weather to spicing up your life with a little Cinderella story inspiration, March is full of possibility and anything can happen.

So, let’s live a little.


Emily Murray is a senior majoring in professional writing and minoring in public relations. She loves fashion, especially writing about it, and enjoys working with VIM Magazine, CollegeFashionista and keeping up with her own blog, From Me to Hue. Emily is also a member of the MSU Dance Club.


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