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Yoga State has been rolling around East Lansing in style thanks to their yoga bus. The yoga bus is an old school bus that has been renovated to bring students a new yoga experience. The bus includes bunk beds, couches, a dining table, a small kitchen and a space for yoga demonstrations. The outside of the bus is covered in Yoga State banners, which serves as easy advertising for the studio.

Yoga State owner Jen Hayes said that the bus is an easy and unique way to get the word out to Michigan State students and East Lansing residents.

“We drive around a lot during welcome week and during the football games, just picking people up and getting our name out there. It’s good name recognition for the studio,” said Hayes. “We want to be welcoming to the students and let them know that there is a local studio close to campus.”

While full yoga classes are not taught on the bus, employees will often demonstrate different yoga poses for those who want to learn during their ride. The bus is mostly out on the weekends, participating in local East Lansing events or transporting Yoga State employees to their out-of-studio classes. The bus recently drove employees out to the 2900 Place Apartments, where they taught a yoga class for all of the complex’s residents. The bus also schedules events with the fraternities and sororities on Michigan State’s campus.

Senior Danielle Bucco has been going to Yoga State for years, but she had not heard of the yoga bus.

“I have not been on the bus, but I think it seems like a great promotional tool.” Bucco said that she believes the bus is a fun, unique way to spread the word about Yoga State to students. “It is a great way to get people who normally wouldn’t be doing yoga involved and help them discover the yoga practice.”

What started as a promotional tool has created a new yoga community; every weekend the Yoga State bus drives around the streets of East Lansing, picking up students and driving them to their destination for the night. Yoga State employee Joshua Newman said that the late-night bus rides are part of what makes the bus so unique.

“We drive around until about two in the morning, picking up students at random locations around campus,” said Newman. “We talk to them, get to know them and teach them about yoga while we’re driving them to their destination for the night. It’s a lot of fun.”

The next time you are out and about in East Lansing on the weekends, be sure to look for the Yoga State bus. While the studio does teach classes on the weekends, the employees will often take the bus out for the afternoon and end up teaching a yoga class around campus.

“A lot of times we’ll stop and get out to talk to people, and spontaneously start a class,” said Hayes. “Usually we’ll get a few people to join us. It’s all about connecting with the community.”


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