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Let’s talk about a novel that highlights the dangers of our technological future As this month’s issue is dedicated to Michigan, why not celebrate a Michigan author to go along with the theme? Alexander Weinstein paints a futuristic picture of what life might look like decades from now in his short story collection, Children of […]

An interview with Maddie Kohler, a kinesiology minor Being a college student always has its perks. One of these perks is on-campus jobs offered to students. Many of these jobs are made for specific majors and minors where students receive a lot of experience in the career they are going into. At ing Magazine, we […]

What’s not to love about November? This month brings colorful leaves, comfy sweaters and a much higher carb intake than usual. It’s the best time to indulge in that pumpkin pie craving, but also to focus on gratitude. As we all know, November is best known for Thanksgiving, where families gather to reminisce on the […]