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This perfectly delectable dessert, brimming with caramelized brown sugar, crisp walnuts and a tart apple flavor will melt the winter frost away. Smooth caramel, chocolate or classic cinnamon and sugar fillings are also excellent options to pair with your favorite apple. Make one for a late-night snack or several for friends. The best part is […]

Young-adult (YA) novels aren’t just for young adults. Whether they appear on a required reading list or become a local book club selection, many YA novels are now considered classics. So, don’t hide your favorite YA fantasy between your textbooks or under your desk. Celebrate the genre and escape into one of these novels that […]

Every November, thousands of writers pick up a pen or another writerly weapon of choice and begin a 50,000-word creative writing marathon. The goal is to complete a novel by 11:59 p.m. on Nov. 30. This is National Novel Writing Month, a nonprofit organization that values enthusiasm, determination and deadlines. According to its website, “NaNoWriMo […]