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From low-class food to high-class meal A lobster – the rich and delicious sea creature that is served at any seafood restaurant. In the U.S. alone, lobster is the seafood version of steak and only ordered if you’re planning on spending those big bucks. Although, this wasn’t always the case. This now high-class meal was […]

Bring home the win with delicious food Football and food are two of the best things out there, especially at Michigan State University. The campus is surrounded by a sea of green and white, and people are tailgating on every corner. It’s like a never-ending food festival heaven, and with the football games being scheduled […]

What comes to mind when you think of home? What do you miss most about it? Is it the physical space in which you live or the neighborhood where you grew up? Is it your favorite restaurant? A hometown tradition? A summer hangout spot with friends? No matter the details, homes hold a central place […]

We’re all human “I am from the Chicagoland area in the northwest suburb of Palatine. I am just a 40-minute train ride to the Loop and although there are a million amazing restaurants in Chicago, my favorite burger lies in Palatine, Illinois. Brandt’s is a locally owned pub in an old farmhouse with loads of […]