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A Few Tips and Tidbits To Make Your Holidays Purrfect The holiday season is a busy time with parties and family gatherings to worry about. With so much on our minds, it’s easy to forget the pets in our lives and the special needs they have. A few bad moves can spell danger for your […]

’Twas not always a silent night American fervor for Christmas is so strong that many believe the United States was the main inventor of the many traditions we observe during the holiday. After all, a country that loves food and possessions seems like the logical place to invent a holiday centered around these two things.  But […]

After moving into your own place, your first trip to the grocery store as an adult can be confusing and intimidating. The “adults” are no longer stocking the fridge and if you weren’t paying attention to how they did it, you may feel at a loss. Grocery stores offer a ton of options, and trying […]