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Michigan’s familiar coolness, marks that a pivotal change is on the brink—for college students, that is. Fall is a time for new and returning college students to celebrate their transition into a new semester full of endless possibilities and opportunities.  Though we come to MSU for an education, “college” ultimately means something different to everyone. […]

It’s mid-July, and you’re at a barbecue with your family and friends, enjoying burgers and beers (of course). When the day is over and done, you don’t pack up and head home – you set your blanket on the cool grass and gaze up at the sky, preparing to witness a traditional American summer-month pastime: […]

Award show season has arrived, and many of us will bask in the warm glow of celebrities’ fake-tanned skin as they dazzle the red carpet in their suits and gowns. With an abundance shows like the Golden Globes, the Grammys and the Oscars, there are plenty of opportunities to envy that Hollywood glamour on and […]

As a Spartan and nature-enthusiast, I love everything green; so you can only imagine how much I love St. Patrick’s Day. While I particularly enjoy the green-dyed beer, it’s not the only holiday-inspired drink doused with artificial food coloring. Why yes, I am referring to the limited-time-only, fan-favorite Shamrock Shake offered at McDonald’s. The creamy […]

Galentine’s Day

Most people I know are sick of Michigan winter by the time February rolls around—the cold days, colder nights, sunless sky and snow-coated everything. This month is even worse for those that want to celebrate Valentine’s Day but don’t have a significant other. While many of us can agree that Valentines Day is just a […]