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Helpful tips to get your Instagram as fabulous as your favorite verified account It’s time we all admit it: we all have one or two or 10 Instagram accounts that make us drool. Whether it is the clean content or eye-catching aesthetic, there are some Instagram accounts that make you look at your own account […]

Imagine it is the 1980s in Washington, D.C. Political tensions are high, ideals are being tested and the people are restless. Among those people are the youth. They want to be heard and, most importantly, respected, especially the youth labeled as “punk.” The ’80s was bringing in a new generation of punk youth and music […]

As the days begin to warm up in Michigan and everyone gets excited about fun in the sun, we tend to forget about one important thing: skin care. During winter and spring, our skin was constantly exposed to frigid snow storms, harsh winds, polluted rain and all sorts of bacteria bad for the skin. Most […]

Traveling for pleasure is always a worthwhile adventure, but there’s something particularly desirable about traveling post-grad. Maybe it’s because you’ve been cooped up on a campus for four(+) years? Or maybe because you haven’t had a moment of actual free time, with no deadlines hanging over your head? Regardless of your purpose, you deserve some […]