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If you haven’t heard of the Shenmue series of games, you can be forgiven. They were pretty niche when they came out, and the years of advancing tech haven’t made them any less so. The plot centers on a boy trying to find the man who murdered his father, and the game featured a world […]

I’ve never seen a dogfish before! He swim— Good doggos (@DoggoDating) July 5, 2019 *BEEP, BEEP, BEEP* Goldenboye doin a reverse— Good doggos (@DoggoDating) July 6, 2019 The best way to beat the heat! His happy place— Cute N Squishy (@Cute_N_Squish) July 2, 2019 I trust this good boi implicitly. Finally…— […]

Mulan is the second best Disney movie ever made (behind Hercules, of course). It features iconic songs, a kickass cast and the best Disney Princess in the form of Fa Mulan. So when a live-action version was announced with an all Asian cast, expectations were pretty high. Well, the first teaser trailer for this adaptation […]

If infomercials have taught us anything, it’s that people are always looking to innovate and create the next big thing. Everybody wants to invent the next microwave or hair dryer, tools used every day to make life easier, simpler and more efficient. But how many of these experimental products actually see mainstream success? Surprisingly few, […]

In case you were busy this holiday week, let me remind you of some important news that was discussed. Disney is going to be making a live-action The Little Mermaid which, previous remakes aside, is pretty exciting. They’ve also cast singer Halle Bailey as Ariel, which means the lead actress will have strong singing chops […]