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Maria Semple delivers a hilariously fascinating novel about the struggles of parenthood, family, societal pressure and serious disorders in her novel, Where’d You Go, Bernadette? After having promised her daughter, Bee, anything she wanted after graduating middle school with all A’s, Bernadette Fox is asked to take a family trip to Antarctica. Now, there are […]

Spring break is right around the corner, and if it snuck up on you, you`re not the only one. Asking around, you’ll find some people are headed somewhere warm, while others may still be looking to spend some time on the slopes. Others may be working over break, and some may have a short trip […]

  Veteran adventurers share their exploration exploits European backpacking is a “coming of age” adventure to experience the continent’s diverse cultural phenomena. Its popularity has increased steadily since the 1950s, especially within the college-aged demographic as part of a “gap year” – typically a yearlong break from school. While travelers romanticize and liken their adventure to […]

Alright, let’s drop the ruse. We all like TV shows and movies, cartoons and video games. There are no special cliques for people who enjoy media anymore. Before the internet, it was easy to call yourself a nerd or a dork for enjoying collecting trading cards and merchandise for your favorite shows, or for being […]

Ten female literary characters that break stereotypes “Tears aren’t woman’s only weapon” ~Cersei Lannister. Fiction and nonfiction books have been around for centuries. For the better part of history, a man has been chosen as the lead role and is left with the responsibility of saving the world, which, usually, involves a damsel in a […]