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Summer is here which means study abroad season is upon us. MSU is known for its study abroad programs, and it’s likely that someone you know and follow on social media is off somewhere in the world having the adventure of a lifetime. The real reason people study abroad is to spam everyone’s Instagram feed […]

Because it’s never a bad time for ice cream. Photo credit: Emily Orlando I grew up in a small town with not one, but two ice cream stands less than a mile apart from each other. My childhood was built on frequent trips to these two very popular places, alternating between the two of them […]

Imagine a relaxing night, candles burning with your favorite snack and a whole new season of your favorite show on Netflix (New Girl of course). You get everything set, you get yourself all comfortable, then…BOOM. There goes the sound of what seems like a thousand firecrackers. Yay, Happy Fourth of July to everyone. If you […]

As college students, and humans in general, we experience anxiety. We react to and process anxiety in many different ways. If you are struggling to manage your anxiety, consider trying meditation!   I know what you’re thinking. “Meditation” sounds intimidating and inaccessible, as if it’s only designed for yogis in the remote Himalayas or L.A. […]

With long days and warm nights, summer is full of opportunities. Many people spend their summers traveling, working at internships in cool cities or taking time to relax after a stressful semester. While all of those things sound like dream scenarios, it’s not always realistic to spend a summer away from home. With the help […]