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           Ever wonder which time of year it’s finally appropriate to start listening to Christmas music? Or which songs are the absolute essential must-plays of the holiday season? Well, wonder no longer, my friends. The following list contains the most important rules of etiquette an educated Christmas, music enthusiast should follow in order to truly celebrate […]

Deep Rock Galactic is a game of dwarves, digging and dancing to the latest jam on the company jukebox. Alongside your fellow dwarves, you’ll be collecting enough minerals to meet a quota, fighting for your life against a giant, angry space bug and knocking back a few beers to take the edge off of a […]

It may be a new year, but video game companies’ desire to damage their own brands is as strong as ever! Of course, I’m referring to the upcoming influx of movies based on popular game franchises. The genre is infamous due to the fact that most movies based on video games range from painfully cheesy […]

I’ve been a YA (young adult) fiction nerd since I was about 11 years old, and as such, I’ve read so many books in this genre that I sometimes feel like I’ve seen all it has to offer. Yet every so often, a book comes along that surprises me by completely changing the game and […]