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Sometimes there are days when we just need to take a step back from everything. We’re stressed out, we’re tired and we feel terrible. Even worse, you start to look bad too. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s a list of revitalizing face masks and relaxing things to do while wearing them! […]

Ozone’s Brewhouse—a brewery created by Dan and Kyle Malone, a father-son duo—is located in Old Town, Lansing. Dan and Kyle Malone have created hundreds of beers together, or “liquid art” as they call it. At Ozone’s Brewhouse, you can find American Porters, English Milds, Pale Ales and so much more. The brewery has an American […]

  All photos taken by Grant Montague. The ’90s were good times to live in Lansing. I’m talking about the 1890s where the auto industry was thriving and the state capital was one of the places at the center of it. People from all over flocked to Lansing for manufacturing jobs, which required grueling hours. […]

Summer is here which means study abroad season is upon us. MSU is known for its study abroad programs, and it’s likely that someone you know and follow on social media is off somewhere in the world having the adventure of a lifetime. The real reason people study abroad is to spam everyone’s Instagram feed […]

Because it’s never a bad time for ice cream. Photo credit: Emily Orlando I grew up in a small town with not one, but two ice cream stands less than a mile apart from each other. My childhood was built on frequent trips to these two very popular places, alternating between the two of them […]