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Playlist Upgrade

Music is unique in the sense that it brings people together as a community and sets them apart as individuals. Many people pride themselves on their diverse taste in music when in reality most of us listen to the same song on repeat for two weeks because that’s just how much we love it. Even […]

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You’ve probably been told that internships are “great opportunities to build your resume” and “great ways to gain real-world experience before graduation” or whatever. While this may be true, sometimes you can’t help but feel like the stereotypical intern.  As you get ready to head into the world of 9-5 and rush hour traffic for […]

Living in Michigan can be tough, with 6-month long winters and their lack of sunshine. Most people endure the Mitten’s cold weather, in hopes that the summer will bring sufficient warmth and sunshine—and it always does…maybe a little too much? You see, I love the cold weather in Michigan; it’s part of the state’s charm. […]

Helpful tips to get your Instagram as fabulous as your favorite verified account It’s time we all admit it: we all have one or two or 10 Instagram accounts that make us drool. Whether it is the clean content or eye-catching aesthetic, there are some Instagram accounts that make you look at your own account […]